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M1A Bolt Roller Bearing?

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Where do I get one, and does it just press ON/OFF??.
Thanks!! :?:
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Aloha Glockamolie:

I got a bunch of bolt rollers from Fulton Armory. They are fairly inexpensive, I think a couple of bucks. A special plier (can be made, see Kuhnhausen book) compresses a circular clip while the roller is pushed on. The roller pushes the plier off the clip and the clip expands inside the roller to hold the roller to the bolt.

Taking the roller off, unless it fell off, is or can be a delicate situation and you need to go slow and NOT damage the roller stem on the bolt.

Some have managed to compress the clip with a long nose plier and snap the roller on... but I am sure when you get the roller and clip, you will see how it works.

Please let us know if you need more detailed information...


Tom O.

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Re: Thanks!!!...another question,

Glockamolie said:
How often should these be replaced??.
If it /One were to come off, it appaers it would cause considerable damage( broken op rod, and or to the operator??.) :(
Replace it only if it fails or is obviously messed up. They have to be cut or ground off (at considerable risk to the bolt body). Most of the reports of failed bolt rollers (off some recent SA Inc guns) say that it causes cycling problems, but no real damage.


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Well, I screwed up.....but, I have two........LOL

I can see exactly how the roller has to go on,,,,,,,
Just good luck finding any tool known to man, to get that circlip compressed.......without a special set of pliers, like Dig said...
Why do I insist on doing it myself, and knowing full well...I will screw it up??.....LOL :roll:
I have 3 choice for gunsmiths in my area, and NONE of them can do as much as me, on an M1A............go figure. :?:
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