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M1A barreled action with USGI parts. Comes with a Fulton
Armory receiver, SA bolt, HRA Op rod, USGI rear sight base,
no markings on flash suppressor. I couldn't find the mfg.
mark on the lower part of the barrel, so I suspect it's under
the handguards. I don't have the proper tools to remove the
hand guard, so I won't. Don't want to damage the clips or
parkerizing finish.

The barrel is bright and shiney, with excellent lands and grooves. It has less that 100 rounds through it. The park-
erizing finish is 98%,

Asking $895 shipped to your FFL. Sorry, no trades at this
time. Postal money orders only please, no exceptions! Pics
available if interested. Please e-mail me for faster response.

Thanks for looking.
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