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Built Socom 16
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Sounds like you want my Socom haha. I swapped to the SEI gas system, so I have the flexibility. I use their Good Iron muzzle brake for controlled recoil. USGI Fiberglass stock, LPVO, and a "Butt Lite" polymer buttpad to save weight.
I went with SEI's super rugged mount and rings, which add some extra weight you could save going a different route but it's very much "scout" like in it's handling. I need to find a home for my Sightmark M1 2.5x fixed power illuminated scope but I keep saying I will find a weapon to put it on. I miss my RGS.

Only reason I moved away from the Scout mounted optic is to pull some weight further back, I'm a lanky fella.

- A Jeff Cooper Acolyte
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