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M1A and NRA matches Muskegon 06/09/19, Holton, Michigan

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Another dual set of matches in Muskegon. This time a NON-Sanctioned M1A match in the morning, followed by a NRA Approved 50 round NM Tournament. Registration for the M1A match begins at 0800, firing to commence at 0900. See match bulletin below. NRA registration starts around 11;00, like to be shooting around noon. The M1A match will be run just like the one at Perry that the CMP puts on at 300 yds. Great practice. Shoot either or both. M1A match is open to other rifles as well. Questions let me know. Thanks,



DATE: Sunday June 09th, 2019

SPONSORED BY: Muskegon Pistol and Rifle Club

RANGE LOCATION: 5700 Crystal Lake Rd., Holton, MI. Map available at our website www.muskegonprc.org

ELIGIBILITY: Any competent and experienced High Power shooter age 16 or older. You do not need to be a member of the club or the NRA to compete.

RULES: This match will be run in accordance with the CMP/Springfield Inc. M1A/M14 match at Camp Perry.

COURSE OF FIRE: First Stage: 5 Sighters, ANY position and 10 rounds Slow Fire Prone in 15 minutes.
Second Stage: 10 rounds Rapid Fire Prone in 70 seconds, with a magazine change.
Third Stage: 10 rounds Rapid Fire Sitting in 60 seconds, with a magazine change.
Fourth Stage: 10 rounds Slow Fire Standing in 10 minutes.
All stages are fired from 300 yards at the SR-3 HP Target. NO ALIBIS, Competitors start in position for the rapid fire stages.

RIFLES: M1A/M14, or any other military type semi-automatic rifle capable of a magazine or clip change, Garands, AR-15s, etc.

ENTRY FEE: $15.00 per competitor.

REG. & TIMES: On the day of the match from 8:00 am-8:45am. Match begins at 9:00am.

AWARDS: No Awards.

ADDITIONAL: Food and water are not available, but please feel free to bring your own. Limited quantities of HXP 30/06 is available, otherwise please bring your own safe ammo. MRPC has a few M1 Garands to loan, please call ahead to reserve.

MATCH DIRECTOR: Art Curow (616)780-3203 or [email protected]
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