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New to the platform and new to the forum here. I was wondering whether anyone here with has 6.5 has run a shorter barrel than the standard 22".
I prefer shorter barrels for maneuverability--both in terms of weight and getting through brush, etc., so I'm considering cutting my M1A in 6.5 down to 18" scout length. While I am aware of the expected velocity loss in running a shorter barrel, my main concern is whether there'd still be enough bore pressure and dwell time to cycle the action reliably.

A brief review of the interweb suggests that .308 and 6.5 both run at around the same pressure--and so in theory 6.5 creedmoor should run fine at the scout length / 18". But before I take the risk, it'd be helpful to know whether anyone has real world experience with running shorter barrel lengths on the standard gas block.

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