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I have for sale an M1956 webgear set consisting of:

*2 Ammo pouches. 1 has the metal insert in the front. Both are lift tab canvas that hold 2 M14 mags each.
*1 butt pack, canvas not rubberized interior
* 2 pistol belts, size medium. 1 with plastic clip, the other with the metal attachment
*1 Bipod case

This set does not contain a canteen, first aid pouch, or e-tool cover. All pieces are in used surplus shape. The buttpack has a couple of small holes (smaller than a dime) on the left side, otherwise it's in good shape. All pieces have the alice clips attached.

$60 shipped for the lot. "I'll take it" on this thread gets it. I'm using a plate carrier and Tactical Tailor pouches now, so this is surplus to my needs.

Posted on other forums, winner by time stamp.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts