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M1903A3 new, old stock

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This time of year it's indoor range and pistols. Milsurp rifle reloading and refurbishing.
The scant stock that came with this Remington was cracked and patched, so I replaced it with an unissued scant stock. I decided to use pure tung oil for the stock set.
The SN of the M1903A3 is Oct. 1943, and the barrel is dated Sept. 1943. Old, but accurate it deserved a better look. I will keep the old stock set.
The front sight hood, though not original, is based on one that the Marines used and did not require removal for firing. It also did not get lost.
The Remington A303 was intended to have a "C" pistol grip stock, but the blanks they had would not accommodate a full pistol grip. So, they made the "S" straight stock (very similar to the M1903) and the "Scant Grip" stock. The "S" stock was primarily used for the A303. When quantities of the "S" were low or as replacements the "Scant Grip" was used.
My rifle came with the "Scant Grip" stock and although it was on the rifle for many decades, whether original or replacement I don't know.
I like it's appearance and functionality for my shooting. It is similar to my Enfield No.4 Mk2. The M1A and Garand have the pistol grip stocks which I also like. Straight stock, not so much from a shooting stand point.
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Great looking rifle. I really don't mind the look of a scant stock but many people shun them. Regardless, they are part of the real history. Nice 4 groove remington barrel too. While maybe not "rare", it is not common.
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