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M16 "Commando Enhanced" version

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Dear all, I am a gun collector looking for advice, since there seems to be no possibility to contact COLT manufacturer online.

I got an offer to buy a "Commando Enhanced" version from Colt M16, but there seems to be no data on this model on the Internet, so I want to make sure it's a real COLT, because somebody told me there could be found fake copies of M16 rifles.

Attached a couple of picture.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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so is the a full auto weapon? if so I'm guessing its a reg weapon and you doing all the class 3 paper work that would give you a lot of info there , I would ask over www.sturmgewehr.com

the colt logo looks messed up but so what , with the horse on the left and colt on the right I thought m16 had the horse ontop of the colt, and its doesn't look roll marked like waiting for the worms says but it pitted so could be just 2nd and has a poor finish

Good luck
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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