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Lighten up guys. He paid a lot of money to become a forum vendor. Let him advertise his stuff in peace.

Art, stop trolling. I don't think he's here to do anything but sell stuff. I've had plenty of seamless transactions with him and some people actually like the chassis that he's a distributor for.

My comment was an earnest one that I would make to any of the forum vendors and gun smiths if they posted what were essentially ads on a variety of threads, some resurrected after they hadn’t been commented on for some time.

It is reminiscent of daily telemarketer calls about a car’s extended warranty. It comes off as a bit much. Fortunately, the other forum venders haven’t taken that approach, otherwise I suspect you’d see a drop off in forum activity as a whole.

Happy to post that in the feedback area if more appropriate. Once again, intent is not trying to bust anyones chops.

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Okay guys, I appreciate the warm welcome.


The trigger shoes typically mail out the same day you place your order, or the next business day. We do not supply tracking numbers unless the customer contacts us requesting one.

The Blackfeather RS Chassis stock is imported from Canada and typically takes up to three weeks to reach me... I inspect each chassis before mailing it off to the customer - Priority mail Insured. We do provide USPS tracking numbers for all chassis stocks, and a signature is required.

Since chassis stocks must go through US Customs you can expect unusual delays from time to time... recently there was a big problem with US Customs returning the stocks destined for America to Frank in Canada... I am told that everything has been sorted out, and I know the stocks have been reshipped so I expect all of them to arrive here in Georgia by this time next week.

We appreciate everyone being patient and understanding when these things happen.

Have a great weekend!
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