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Funny you should post this right now.....I have been going through my office trying to compact it for some elbow room, :lol: and in the course of sifting and chucking just about anything that doesn't pertain to shooting :( , I came across a photocopy of the Dept of the Army Modification work order MWO 9-1005-223-30/1 for modifying the stabilizer assembly to improve locking retention capabilities. :D Amazing coincidence eh? :roll:
Kewl pic ..... :wink:

I don't ever recall ever seeing one of these before. Guess that goes to show ya that ya learn something new every day. Is this more of a counter balance item of some sort. ???

SiX: It is known as the barrel stabilizer, it has a variety of patterns of holes for directing gases. It is supposed to make auto fire with the M14 more controllable. I fired the E2 at Bragg and I didn't remember any improvement over what I remembered from AIT training. For a small guy like me the rifle was still hard to handle.
Gotchya Bill ....

Personally ... I too have never fired or observed anyone else fire a 14 in rock-n-roll mode without control problems unless they were poppin' a three round burst.

Buddy of mine is a ClassII and has a full auto range and the only thing I ever saw that was "easily controlable" in .308 was a FAL that had a cylindrical muzzle brake with holes in it. I mean to tell ya this thing "hardly moved" at all ....

I'll see if I can get a pic of this brake as from my recollection there was'nt much to it at all. If one could ever make a 14 do that ... look out! 8O

I have fired a friend's BAR, 1918A2 type, and in the prone with bipod it is a dream. It hardly moves at all.
FAL Gas System

Hey Six:

Do you think that the FAL was more controllable due to the muzzle brake (compensator) or maybe its gas system.

I played with the FAL that I have (Yeah, I got one :oops: , but only one, I promise) and the gas system is fully adjustable to the different types of ammo that you use, etc. Also, I would think that because a portion of the gas is redirected to the piston, there is significantly less recoil. When I fully close the gas port, the piston slams the bolt and gives a recoil that I thought was more pronounced than any of my M1A's.

In looking at my FAL muzzle brake, I see the ports directed forward and out. Everyone thinks that it's a loud SOB.

Anyway, this is just some observations that I made after reading the responses on this thread.

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.
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Tom, Don't feel bad....I have a FAL also.......The controlability would most likely be due more to the muzzle brake than the adjustable gas system. The gas system definitely helps with the recoil (which is straight back pressure from the round moving forward. The muzzle rise would be from a combination of the extreme pressure being released at the muzzle when the round exits, and the fact that the rifle is shouldered on the rear end forming sort of a pivot point. JMHO Hawk
Fal L1A1

I sold my L1A1 to get the Fed Ord M14SA. The Fed Ord checked out A-OK
by the way. I liked the FAL. Shot great. Reliable, accurate. The only reason I made the switch is if I'm gonna have 2 -308 battle rifles, they may as well take the same mags. Battle rifles rule! WTPIII
I just love my Smith Enterprise select-fire M14! I agree though that shooting it standing is VERY difficult, but prone with an E2 stock and M2 bipod, it is quite accurate! :lol:

*************** :lol: My_Full-Auto_M14 :lol: ***************

20 rounds in 1.6 seconds!!! 8O

I'll be taking it to one of the Las Vegas shoots this year to shoot next to Different and his select-fire M1A!

Hey Six:

Got a pic of the FAL break yet?? :roll:

warbird out
Maybe I just had way too much practice on full auto or something but I really never had a problem with a 14. I could keep all the rounds on a floating barrel easily at 100 yards or so. That was from a moving ship. I did real good at the range. I seriously can't remember it ever being a bad shooter or uncontrollable. Even when I fired my dads a couple years ago I did a lot better than him and he is a lot bigger than me and was a marine. Maybe that's all it is. It takes a squid to shoot a real weapon. That's why all you grunts got the m-16.

Just kidding about that last comment guys, I couldn't help myself.

Somebody come down here with a real 14 though and let me show you how it's done. I bet it would be real easy with my cast m-14 load. Anybody want to try?I am interested to see how many FA rounds it can fire till it starts spraying liquid lead.
Cool video


Thanks for the video AZSKI. Guess that one works. 8)
Thanks, Bill. That is interesting information. Also, the Taiwanese muzzle stabilizer that I have does not have the drawing number on it like the USGI ones do. In my experience, the muzzle stabilizer does help reduce the muzzle rise in automatic. It's all part of the beautiful M14A1 package. :D
There has been a successful modification done to the Class 3 M1A around here. It entails drilling a small (.040") hole in the gas plug. This won't affect the semi reliability, but reduces the full-auto rate to between 550-600 rpm. Coupled with the E2 stock, bipod, and muzzle stabilizer, you have an eminently controllable weapon. It's also been used in the M14A1 style configuration with much more success than otherwise would have been found in such a comparatively lightweight system. :D
I took a look at my muzzle stabiliser and took some pictures to post. I purchased it from Fulton.

I believe it is USGI. I bought it to help me control the 'climb' when I shoot the rifle on full-auto.

Here is a short clip of my son shooting the rifle today at the Falfiles Shoot in Phoenix:

*************** 8O Bo_shooting_the_M14 8O ***************

It still 'walks' a little to the side, but does not rise at all. Then again he is only 15 and weighs maybe 120 pounds soaking wet! :lol:

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Aloha Azski:

The video clip didn't need any sound with the BIG SMILE on your son's face! That said it all!!!

Very Cool, Sir!


Tom O.
azski, that's a great video! 8) Have you tried the gas cylinder plug rate reducer yet?
Different said:
azski, that's a great video! 8) Have you tried the gas cylinder plug rate reducer yet?
Not yet. I now have a spare plug, so all I need is the drill bit. What size should I buy?

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