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m14 Winchester rear sight???

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Bill, Question finishing up my parts and need to know what would be correct standard rear sight for Winchester( any markings) same with gas system?? BTW I am look for both if you have any or know of any. Thanks Slab
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I don't anybody who can identify gas system parts, unless they are in original Winchester GI packaging. I also do not know who supplied the rear sight knobs, but probably the same as the Springfield Armory M14 production. I know Winchester made their own apertures, sight bases, and I guess the sight cover too.
Thank you for the fast reply Slab :D

Little late to the party, but I've got an M-14 base stamped "OMB" on the bottom. Could this be one?
I am pretty sure it is. I have one marked OMB3.
Yes it is Olin, but I don't know anybody who can determine if that was on the rifles, or a spare parts contract. My guess would be it was not on the rifle production, but I may be wrong.

The problem is we are about 35 years too late. I doubt there are many original M14's left in the system, most likely most have been rebuilt at least once.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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