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M14 vs the FAL in 1955

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Guns magazine May 1955 edition had a M14 vs the FAL article worth looking at .
check out the advertisements and prices of guns and ammo back them, and the difference in writing styles.

I hope you enjoy this..

[Special thanks to def90 on the Files]
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Good post Ray. Enjoyed reading the T-48 article as well as the other articles. Did you read the advertisements? WW-2 surplus Ithaca and Remington 1911s for $32.50, and back then, shipped to your door from a company in Burbank, California no less!!! Who would've thought that Mel Torme was such a prolific collector of Colt hawg-legs. The blurb about the "Fast Shooting '50s", every 24 hours 4 men, 2 children and 1 woman are shot in this country. Wonder what they would say about the shootings that go on today. All this for .50 cents a copy. Thanks again for posting. -Lloyd BEERCHUG1
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