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M14 Trigger Guard Composition

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Recently purchased an M14 trigger guard advertised as new USGI. The trigger guard was sealed in a wrapper with following markings:

A ||| 4 / 67

(||| is a marking blacked-out with magic marker)

I had put some steel bed in the hollows of a USGI fiberglass stock to add a little weight and strength. I noticed when inserting the trigger unit, it was a very tight fit. When I tried to withdraw the trigger unit, the trigger guard would not rotate very easily and then broke into two pieces!

I have had trigger units that were hard to withdraw before and I put more pressure on the trigger guards with no problems. When I examined the broken area, at the front of the bow, the metal appears to be a casting. Were USGI trigger guards ever made from castings?
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Can you post a picture? It would help to see the package too.The package you show is not a contract but a depot re-wrap or somebody's wet dream.

Trigger guards were stampings from Spring Steel. However sometimes when an item is refinished the sand blasting or glass beading can leave small pitting, give the item an appearance of being cast.

US GI trigger guards were never cast.
Bill, thank you very much for the reply. I do not have a camera, so no pictures. The outside finish of the trigger guard looks fine. It is the appearance of the metal inside the area where the break is, it has a rough, porus look, not solid. I bought it from Fulton and I rechecked their site, it just says GI trigger guard.
When steel fractures it appears to be porous on the break. I am sure it is GI.
Bill, thank you very much again for the information.
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