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M14 Spare Parts Roll???

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I have gotten many requests for information on the M14 Spare Parts Roll. Some even ask why they have been observed with 1944 dates when the M14 did not yet exist. The people making the request are confusing the designation of the roll, thinking the marking shows which system it is used with. Almost always that is not the case.

The roll was developed around 1944 for use with the M2 Heavy Barrel 50 Browning Machine Gun (Ground Gun). The designation M14 was next in line after the M10, M12 & M13 rolls already assigned to other uses. Here is a picture of the M14 Spare Part Roll along with a few other accessories from the BMG. The picture is from a WWII Standard Nomenclature Listing (SNL) dealing with the 50 BMG.

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It pays to research these archives as I just found a

as I was doing some spring cleaning in the garage.

The funny thing is is that it was filled with an M60 cleaning kit, a broken shell extractor, a .50 cal bore brush, but is missing the M60 receiver brush.

It still has an Army buddy of mine's name on it and I have no idea how it wound up with my stuff. :?
Sanders said:
It pays to research these archives as I just found a
12/79 :?

I have the exact same markings, all the way down to the date 12/79 on my spare parts roll
freaky, huh :roll:
Ah ha!

This explains the difficulty I'm having trying to insert .30-06 cartridges which fit fine in my M1917 Rifle into the cylinder of my M1917 Revolver and why these same cartriges which fit nicely in my M1 Rifle are a "bit loose" in the chamber of our M1 tanks.... 8)

-- Chuck
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