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Hello everyone,

I have up for grabs a few surplus M14/M1A/M305 parts and accessories that I no longer require, they are:

1. 1 Used standard Op Rod Spring Guide in good condition. $10.00
2. 1 Used standard Op Rod Spring in good condition. $10.00
3. 1 Rifle Sling (Green, Cotton I think) taken out of original package but never used . $12.00

*All parts are from a Norinco M14, and buyer pays shipping on all parts.

Or you can have everything in one package for $30.00 + shipping. OR I will trade all of these goods for one M14 selector switch kit!

Payments can be made via EMT, paypal or money order, and shipping via Canada post express, priority or regular parcel its up to the buyer.

Thanks for looking


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