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They used to be very common. The mounting instructions are listed in one of the TM's for the M151 series. It was installed at a high level because it required drilling the dash board if I recall.

It was mounted on the front passenger side. The mounting secured the rifle in a vertical manner.

There was an identical kit for the M16, but the butt socket was different. There was also another combination M14/M16 kit which was quite different. (This is all from memory and may be slightly off).

The question: Do I have a set of the instructions? Today I don't know. I used to include a set when I sold these but the last set I sold was in the mid 1980's. I think I have sold the bulk my vehicle TM's but whether I kept that one or not I don't know.

Just a short note about military doctrine in this area: The military rarely includes instructions when an item is procured. The instructions are always printed in appropriate Technical Manuals. This is so they can be changed or altered in the future without having to open the thousands in inventory and change the contents. Carry this to the furthest conclusion and imagine printing the instructions for each sniper set up or each spare barrel. It would be a nightmare.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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