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I found the following ad on ar15forum.com and I'm not connected to the seller, just passing this on.

I have the following M14 parts for sale, in no particular order. All were represented to me as USGI parts when I bought them (most of them a LONG time ago), and I don't have any reason to believe otherwise. I purchased them as spares for my Fulton M1A, which is about to go on the block, so I don't need them anymore.

1 gas plug, looks new $20
I chromed firing pin, new $30
1 gas piston, was NIW $25
1 complete gas system (cylinder, spindle, lock, plug, piston). Well worn but serviceable $100

1 gas cylinder, some finish wear $75
1 GI canister o’ gas cylinders, unopened. Contains 2 unused GI cylinders. Can’t read the make on the container, as it’s too faded. $250
3 gas cylinder locks, look new $20 each
1 trigger w/sear, looks unused $15
2 op-rod guides w/pins, look new $15 each set (guide w/pin)
1 flash hider castle nut w/screw, looks new $15 for the set
1 rear sight spring cover, looks new $10
1 hammer, appears to be new USGI (marked SA 5546008) $50
1 operating rod. I bought this used and had it re-parked. Appears to be USGI, is marked 7267064 SA $140

1 bolt, complete USGI marked 7790185 SA/YC2. Also re-parked. $190

1 bolt, complete USGI marked 7790186 66118-EE (I believe this is a replacement bolt made by Winchester). Very good condition $210

1 USGI bolt w/roller and firing pin, NO EXTRACTOR OR EJECTOR. Marked 7790186/66118/A, which should also be Winchester. Also VG condition. $175

All bolts listed above have the GI heat-treat test dimple.

Trigger assembly, complete, HR. Housing is marked 7267030-HR-N. Hammer is HR. VG condition, minor finish wear. $200

Trigger assembly, complete. Housing is marked 7267030-HR-N. Hammer is marked 66118 5546008. This one has lots of finish wear, some minor dings, and rust on the inside of the trigger guard. Need a re-finish but should be serviceable. $120

Barrel, USGI. Marked HR. I bought this from Springfield Armory years ago, and it does not appear to have ever been mounted on a receiver, as far as I can tell. Chamber, throat and muzzle look perfect and new. I don’t have a TE gauge and I’m not going to buy one for a single barrel, so please don’t ask. $295

Terms: All orders $100 or more require a USPS money order. Less than a hundred bucks I’ll take a check, but it has to clear before I ship your parts.

$5 shipping for all orders under $101. $101 and up, I’ll pay the postman.

First unconditional ‘I’ll take it’ gets it- post here first, then follow up with an e-mail. Asking questions, asking for pictures, etc. does NOT give you dibs on the part. “I’ll take it pending ______” isn’t an ‘I’ll take it’.

If you agree to purchase something, I must have your payment within 7 days or it goes back up for sale.

No refunds. Ask your questions, request photos BEFORE you say you’ll take it. I’m willing to take photos of bolts, trigger groups, and the barrel if people need to see them. I have a shot of the whole lot minus the barrel if someone wants to see the small parts, but I’m not taking pics of individual parts other than what I just listed.

I reserve the right to NOT sell my stuff to anyone, for any reason.

Not looking for any trades, and prices are firm for now.

If you have questions, IM and e-mail both work. IM will probably get a faster response.
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