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M14 Parts Kit, complete
The receiver is an Armscorp that I bought as a “second” . It does not have the serrations for windage and there are a few small casting flaws that I don’t believe will effect function, but I’m not a gunsmith by trade. On the right side it is marked HIGHLANDER SECURITY SPOFFARD NH. S/N is 177xx. $1700.00 shipped.

Op Rod: SAK, tab is .095, minor ware & handling marks.

Trigger group: Housing is a TRW, excellent spline. Hammer is a OM-N
Safety is unmarked, all parts GI. Very little ware on this trigger group.

Gas Cylinder: New. Gas Piston: New Sadlak, never used,
Front band shows a little ware, all other parts new GI

Bolt: TRW, appears reparked but excellent condition.
Internals are all new GI.

Barrel: SA 8/62, Less than 1 at both ends, a .301 gage pin will not start. Op rod guide is a bit loose.

Flash suppressor: New, with standard front sight.

Rear sight: Base is marked SA, not sure if it’s GI or commercial
Windage knob is a BME, very little ware.
Aperture is a non-hooded NM .595, very little ware.
Pinion is unmarked new, could be commercial.

Op Rod spring: New. Spring guide shows ware, but is not buggered up.

Stock: Complete, non serif circle P proof, nice cartouche. Butt plate is marked KMT. Stock is marked underneath the butt plate with a 7 & 2, and what appears to be an H.

Hand Guard: Vented, used but in nice condition

All other parts are new GI. Comes with all roll pins.
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