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Have a few surplus National Match rear sight parts, pictured below:

1) New NM front sight, marked 'NM .062'- $35 SHIPPED SPF to Hobo Hilton

2) New ball bearing and spring for ball and detent style Springfield receivers.- $5 SHIPPED SPF to BDH

3) NMrear sight base, Used in excellent condition. (Not marked 'NM/2A', seems newer NM assemblies lack it. Confirmed NM by using new NM windage knob to assemble rear sight) -$30 SHIPPED SPF to jp2code

4) Rear sight cover, used in great condition. $5 SHIPPED SPF to jp2code

5) NM windage knob assembly, believed to have some problems with internals. Surely someone ha the know-how to fix it. (Also seems new NM windage knobs are not marked 'NM', as my brand new NM windage knob didn't) $5 SHIPPED SPF to jp2code

Will let the whole lot go for $70 SHIPPED.

First "I'll take it" gets it, followed by PM.
Paypal gift preferred, also accept USPS Money Order.

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