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I have the following items below up for sale.Some USGI some SAI,i will give details in the description .Anybody that's bought from me before can speak for the items i sell.If not as described just return and pay shipping.As usual the first unconditional I WILL TAKE IT followed by a PM gets the item. I will accept PAYPAL as a gift,money orders also.I will be out till Saturday but will keep a tab on the posting and will reply in the order i received the PM's. All prices below include shipping charges.
1.Complete unitized gas system with excellent piston & H&R marked band.No markings on CYL other than a hardness punch,Believe it to be USGI.All the other parts are USGI. $150.00 SPF
2. Complete USGI flash hider,square splines,muzzle is perfect,has the front site and castle nut included as well as the screws.$110.00 SPF
3. 3 NOS USGI firing pins. $35.00 each all all 3 for $100.00 SPF
4.USGI M14 H&R marked hammer,perfect shape has not been altered in any way.$35.00 SPF
5 Parts grouping of all the small parts needed for a build.All are USGI and have excellent finish. $60.00 SPF
6.Complete Trigger Housing. Fresh maganese phosphate parking.Mixture of USGI and SAI.Housing is SAI as well as trigger guard,hammer is a HRA,safety is unmarked,with the remaninder of small parts USGI. Excellent finish and the spline is mint!! $155.00 SPF
7. SAI Op Rod and op rod spring,this appears to be new as the tab is .100 and it shows no wear.Had handling wear so gave it a fresh black maganes parking. Excellent rod for the money.$125.00 SPF
8.M1 complete rear site, unmarked base and elevation pinion is in yards ,
DRC windage knob,perfect shape.$60.00
9.NM op rod spring guide,not sure of maker but looks to be made the same way the old match armorers made them. $20.00 SPF
10.Older Version SAI NM complete rear site,this is the older version the made before the came out with the ball & detent style.Made just like a USGI site,Fine threads on the base,relieved on the base for the hooded aperture to clear,Hooded NM marked site with a .062 aperture,this could be a USGI part as it looks identical to others i have. Side and base both marked NM. Elevation pinion is marked NHC and is USGI.Very nice site and reasonably priced.$150.00 SPF
11.Complete Bolt assembly, New SAI forged bolt with all USGI internals,Used internals but in very nice shape. Never been lapped. $150.00
12.Dummy selector set,this was made by a forum member,connecotor arm has already been modified to clear the assembly,ready to go.$50.00
13.2 sets of stock metal with all the hardware and hanguards are free of cracks and come with clips,normal wear but all serviceable and priced to sell.$45.00 for all SPF
14.Bargain batch of parts,1 used USGI firing pin,1 unmarked safety,1 WCS marked safety,2 USGI clip guides,1 USGI gas plug.$35.00 SPF
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