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M14 in IRAQ

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Since they are on a diffrent sort of firing line thought this would be the best place for this post. I found it on another board but thought what a better place than on the m14 board! OD

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Heres one from Afiganistan
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I have seen that photograph before and have been wondering if that rifle has removable front sight? Looks good but as Murphys law would apply here. It would be a big problem to lose the scope and have no front sights.

i think this is the same rifle. the brake is from ops inc. it appears their brake has no provision for front sights.

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Yeah I remember reading about that photo. I believe the can made for that rifle slides right over the brake. OD
i believe you are right OD and that OPS inc also makes the can.
Sweet real deal m14's

I looked @ those pic's & I swear my heart started pounding & I felt flushed. Especially the one in Afgan. with the supressor & nite site. I'm an M14 nut for sure & I only have 2-SAM1A-Fed Ord-M14SA. Just got a baonet for the F.O. I put that baby on & have no need of viagra.
The black & white photo looks like an IDF soldier; Golan Heights maybe? I know the Israelis put the M14 to good use back in the 70's and 80's.
Some of those poor Iraqi's never even knew what hit them. 8O
It was an M14...... 8)
Some of those poor Iraqi's never even knew what hit them. 8O
It was an M14...... :D

Sorry not logged in before.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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