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M14 gas cylinder

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M14 gas cylinder

I picked up a M14 used gas cylinder at a gunshow this weekend. It is not drilled out for the gas cut off port!!! Again it has been used. It has a gas pickup hole drilled to match the hole in the barrel. Does anybody have a H&R guerilla gun gas cylinder?

The KC Gunshow had about 35 or so mixed M-14 barrels for sale – it was kind of nice to see that many to pick thru. I got a used SAK NM with a TE of about 0.5. There were no TRWs left. Some if not most were reparked. Mostly H&R 61 and 62 dated, 4 SA’s , 3 SAKs (I took the one and only NM) and “both” Winchesters. They were selling them for $225. Second day they were gone. Some dealer bought the batch.
I got two more of the early gas plug little wrenches – that makes three for me.
I also got a Springfield Armory Inc. take off barrel for $50, the TE is 0.
A garand grizwald bag for $125, and he thru in a NIW M-31 practice grenade that was in the grizwald bag.
A Dec 1959 Field Manual for $5