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These sets don't come around very often. I've had three over the many years I've been working with the M14 and my working set is made up largely with gages I have had since I was involved with the National Guard shooting program. I retired from that 27 years ago...

The set shown was sent by a customer for me to check out. It's about as new as one can get. The pin gages still have their rubberized protective coating and all the gages appear to be unused and scratch free.

I noted that the gas piston no go gage is not the same specification of the gage I've been using, but it is correct as of the Inspection and Calibration manual published in March of 1991. The gage in the kit is .4965 while my working gage is .4968. Problem is, I don't know which spec is newer. I would suspect that the larger tolerance may be an earlier specification. The .4965" spec allows for more wear before reject and reflects the reduced amount of pistons now available in the system. Enjoy the pictures.

One other thing, the head space gage is 1.6455", Field Reject. This is the only HS gage issued with this kit so I guess they figured anything shorter was OK.


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