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Try http://m14forum.com/want-buy/ §. Just follow the ROE for the Classified § below.

Tag Your Listing
When posting a new thread, please select the appropiate type of listing from the drop down menu to the left of creating your Thread Title:
For Sale
For Trade
Want To Buy
SPF - Sold Pending Funds
SOLD - Well, you get the picture...

Committing to Buy
When committing to buy an item, post an "I'll take it" and contact the seller as appropriate. This will alleviate concern over who may have committed first.
After completing a transaction, the Buyer and Seller are encouraged to leave feedback for one another. This provides an easy means for the community to better identify reputable users on the site.
For Sale
When listing an item for sale, please include a description of the item, your asking price, and any other relevant details.
Want To Buy
When listing a Want To Buy, please include a maximum price as your budget to spend.
Items For Sale
When posting up a new thread, you must be the owner of the item(s) being listed. Selling on behalf of a friend or family member is allowed as long as you're in possession of the item.
If you are selling something, please try to include pictures. This helps both the Buyer and Seller and prevents concerns with perceived item conditions.
Item Pricing
If you don't agree with a user's requested price, send that person a private message to inquire. Please do not derail the listing by berating the Seller or their asking price.
Multi-Site Listings
Should they choose to, users may list an item on multiple websites to assist with the sale of their item. Any concerns with "where it sold first" are to be resolved between the Seller and the potential Buyer(s).
Auction Listings
We want to avoid potentially unresolvable conflicts. Users may not list an item in the Classifieds if it's also listed on an auction site.
You may bump your listing no more than once every 72 hours.
Price Updates
When changing the price for your listing, please leave the original price you stated.
Sold Pending Funds
Please update your listing once an item is SPF - Sold Pending Funds.
Sold Items
Please update your listing once an item is Sold. Please do not delete the content of your listing because sold listings are useful for the community when doing appraisals or researching prices.
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