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M14 E2 blueprints?

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I've seen prints for the various standard parts like the receiver and barrel, but do prints exist for the E2 parts? Particularly the butt plate assembly?

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You can submit a FOIA request to the Army Material Command and request the drawings (good luck with that). You are going to need the drawing number of the part you are looking for. This can be found in the -20 or -34 TM. Having tried this in the past I can pretty much tell you what their reply will be: 'You want what? HA HA HA HA!" Actual they say something to the effect "The information you have requested is exempt for the FOIA.". But I will post the address where you can send the request. By the way if they do come through with the drawing I expect you to send me a copy.
Isn't life a b*tch! Sorry, I have not posted information a FOIA request for drawing but better late than never. The drawing you want is 7791678, Rest Assembly, Shoulder: Stock Assembly, Rifle. From it you can find the other drawings that make up the assembly or you can find them in the -34 TM. You can submit your FOIA request by email to Eric Adams ([email protected]) and Jose Tapia ([email protected]). Be sure to indicate in the subject it is a FOIA request. Good luck and remember if you do get the drawings sent me a copy.
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