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M14 buttplate use

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Our beloved M14's have a hinged buttplate that I understand was used to aid automatic fire. Does this give us any targeting advantage to use for semiauto fire? How about for rapid fire? I haven't really heard or seen anyone using this feature to fire their rifles. As always-appreciate your responses for learning more...
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The M14 Rifle originally had the same buttplate as the M1. The M15 heavy barrell squad automatic rifle, the replacement for the BAR, had the hinged plate for control under automatic firing and the plate was added to the M14 for commonality of parts.

The M15 was still born, but the butt plate survived. I really don't know why, it's like your appendix, just there. :wink:

Only time I ever used the hinged feature was when firing the M14E2 on full automatic, something I've not done is a loooooooooog time. Using it for firing the M14 does nothing for me.

-- Chuck
I have my rifle scoped, accurized and bedded in a heavy stock with a bipod and I use the hinged butplate all the time. I am an avid hunter and prefer to lay on the ground waiting for game. I'll get in position prone without using the sling usually and have the buttplate resting on my shoulder at all times. It takes very little head movement to get my eye down to the scope for a look. The hinged butplate will keep it in place for hours.
In the movie Full Metal Jacket Private Pyle has the hinged buttplate opened on top of his shoulder while shooting prone.
Shoot762 said:
In the movie Full Metal Jacket Private Pyle has the hinged buttplate opened on top of his shoulder while shooting prone.
...Which ain't sayin' much, as he also does a mag change with the bolt forward...

I second Chuck's thoughts on the issue...

I like it. The folded down buttplate makes the stock 1/4" longer than an M1 buttplate. The underside makes a nice place to put a sticker with your zero's written on it. On an M1, I have to put the sticker right on the buttplate, and it doesn't last as long.

No help, but, a historic note of possible interest to some. When I went through Marine Corps boot camp I observed a recruit who was jerking the trigger have his trigger finger "adjusted" by the DI using the hinged buttplate as an adjustment tool. All made sure to squeeze the trigger and avoid the cure. Regards
JMO, but if you use a bipod on the front, go ahead & use the butt plate to stablize the rear while waiting for target picture. I see no need to flip it up for 3 posistion shooting. I find it down right uncomfortable prone. I use it sometimes at the bench when testing handloads or just shooting for small groups.
I've shot some very good groups with just the bipod and butt plate for support, no bags.
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