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recently found a place selling norinco m14 bipods for 39.95. have read several posts on various boards about the bipod damaging the stock and the norincos being little better than junk. picked one up and went to work. cut the welds on the lock plates wth a die grinder and mig welded the plates as they should be, in line with each other and the same angle. the latch cutout when the legs are folded up was uneven so a dremel tool reground the cutouts in the same place on the lockplates 1/16 inch further out than the original cutouts. i did not grind the cutouts as big as the originals and this tightened up the bipod immensely. a spring washer on the sling loop took out that rattle. with the legs folded up, i now have one inch clearance on either side of the stock giving adequate clearance for the pivot even when folded up. this also gave me enough clearance to grab the forend for off hand shooting should i decide not to use the bipod. time spent was about one hour and the result is amazing. a snug fitting bipod that is practically rattle free yet very functional. have plans to purchase another one and see what i must do to attach it to a 1 inch bull barreled 308.
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m2 bi-pod

When I was in viet Nam we all turned our bi-pods around and had the legs fold up forward toward the flash suppressor. That way we could use the hand guard freely. The bi-pod has no real direction to the mounting place on the gas piston housing. Try it you may like it a little better. .... Twiggy
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