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M1 Safety !

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Hey guys,,,I'm haveing trouble with my safety on my M1, first off it will engage weather the bolt is cocked or not cocked,even after you pull the trigger and drop the hammer you still can engage it !! 8O But worse yet with the rifle cocked ready to fire and the safety engaged,if you pull on the trigger repeatedly the trigger will creep forward and the hammer will drop,,,,, 8O which is NOT good! So what I'm asking is,what could it be,,just the safety,the sear or what ?? Any ideals or info would be helpfull. :) Thanks
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A few things can cause the problem.

Bad safety and weak safety spring as noted above.
Also, if someone went to far to eliminate creep on the hammer, so the hammer won't hold. To short a hammer spring. 2" hammer spring length is minimum on match triggers.
You should also have .020 minimum hammer engagement on NM triggers.
Even badly worn hammer & trigger pins will cause a bad fit.

You could change these parts 1 at a time to see if the problem is cured (if ya have spares) before sending it out.
Just try dry cycling (without ammo) to check it.

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