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M1&M14 Elevation Knob Differences - Picture

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This is from PS Magazine an educational pamphlet in comic form. The blonde is Connie Rod, a mainstay character, pointing out the differences. Elsewhere in the articles it goes into more detail about the differences.

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I bet you have the only book in existance. Right? :wink: Would be a cool book to have. :D Keep them pics a comin Bill! :D
Hawk: Hueygunner has some copies too. I have the entire set from June 1951 thru 1995, the latter stuff I have no interest in. I am working on completing a second set. Individual issues go off an Ebay now and then, the current stuff (last 20 years) nobody ever bids, the 1950's and 60's always get action. Bill
The man never ceases to amaze me ... :wink:

That Mr. Ricca is one sure fire wealth of knowledge with references ta boot. Thanks for sharing Bill ... I have learned yet another piece of valuable info. I never knew that .... 8O

Bill, you're the only person I know that has an entire set of PS magazines. Way ta go! I can remember borrowing these off the guys in the Commo shop way back in the mid 60's. They're also available on-line at www.logsa.army.mil/psmag/psonline.htm
You can as a civilian, subscribe to it through the site, at a cost of $45 per year.
Mike Wrote
Bill, you're the only person I know that has an entire set of PS magazines
Mike, I know of at least two other complete sets. I started purchasing these at gunshows in 1973-75 period. The issues from the late 60's early 70's are still quite plentiful, because so many were printed due to the size of our armed forces. Most issues b/4 1967 are harder to find. By 1995 I was missing 11 issues of the first 20. A warrant officer who had retired got a hold of me and I offered him a very large fortune. His set was from 1951 to 1995. Today I will still pay a small fortune for the 11 issues I need to complete the second (original) set I was working on. Thanks I always enjoy hearing about other's experiences with PS magazine. Now if only I could get a date with Connie Rod :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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