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M1 Garand Parts for Sale:
1. SA-18 Trigger Group complete w/ SA-8 hammer. Excellent condition. $85 shipped. SPF Brinks352. (CMP forums)

2. Reduced to $19 shipped. WRA Trigger Guard. Good condition. $25 shipped

3. SPF Lighter handguard. Other Reduced to $25 each shipped. NOS Handguards. Bought as USGI, not sure how to verify. One is darker than the other. ID which one you want: $35 each, shipped.

4. SA-9 hammer. Excellent condition. $20 shipped. Sold to anheier (CMP forums)

5. SA-7 hammer. NOS. $30 shipped. Sold to ct kid

Payment by cash or USPS MO. First “I’ll take it” gets them. Cross posted on CMP forum.

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