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Hello, I have learned from here the headspace difference in nato military ammo of 762mm and saami 308, but can someone list the same for the M1?

The headspace go, no go, and field reject for nato 30-06, and the same for commercial 30-06 ? Is there a difference ? I read in Kuhnhausens book one time and it stated some difference, but only serve to confuse me more. Any help would be good, thank you.
While there is a difference between commercial 308 Win and Mil Spec 7.62x51 NATO, the 30-06 does not have the same difference. However, the chambers in Garands may be made a bit more generous in size for added reliability.
Headspace is a "length" issue. For a bottlenecked cartridge like the -06, usualy from the base to a point midway on the shoulder. By the term "generous" that I used, I am refering to the diameter of the chamber.
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