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M1 Carbine Trigger Housing w/Piston Nut Wrench

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Hello Bill,
Have you ever seen or has there ever been an M1 carbine trigger housing with an integral piston nut wrench. I recall seeing one maybe 30 years ago on a Winchester Carbine. I don't recall the exact serial number. I do recall it was a very low number, under 1,000,200. That I recall as I was amazed it was probably from the first day of production. The gun was in terrible shape and the barrel was all shot out. Rifle looked like it had original parts? What did i know back then. My buddy sold it and he is no longer able to provide information.
What brought this about was. Today at the range I saw another very low Winchester serial number. It was purchased many years ago. It had been arsenal refinished. No further inspection could be done at the range.
Thanks in advance.