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M1 Carbine mag loader from stripper clips?

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There are several products on the market for easier loading of M16/AR mags from stripper clips than using a GI charger guide & ye olde thumb. For example the Maglula/Butler Creek StripLULA and the Cammenga Easyloader.

Neither of the above comes in a model for the M1 Carbine. Anybody know of a similar product that does?

State law prohibits loaded rifle mags anywhere in the same vehicle with the rifle they fit, but stripper clips (and Garand clips) don't count. Loading up the stripper clips at home and using such a gizmo at the range would be the next best thing to loading the mags at home.

The Cammenga does come in an M1 carbine model that doesn't support stripper clips, so you have to line up all the loose rounds in the loader before using it to insert them in the mag. Not sure that's much better than loading loose rounds directly into the mag.
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I haven't seen anything on the market. Then again I've never felt a need to check around because the USGI system seems to work really well.
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