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M1 carbine clueless

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I have post over on Firing Line I was wondering if you could look at.I emailed a guy last night about this,and in his reply(thank you Rick)he recommended I locate you ecspecially for this.I will be honest in saying I have no clue what I am reading about most times as I research these guns.I would appreciate it.
Chuck Roush
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Hi Chuck, As Bill stated in the post in the firing line forum, it's hard to say what you have based on looking at a post on a forum. One has to be able to look at it to conform any marking etc: Not to say that you are not correct in what you see, it's that as a highly reputable source of information it would be bad ethics to state anything but possibilities without actually seeing the rifle. I can tell you this much though. You can get a book or two on the M1 Carbine and they will be very helpful in desiphering the markings that you find on the rifle. One such book would be ".S. M1 Carbines wartime production"by Craig Reisch. I've found this book to be very helpful. Another would be "he M1 Carbine Owner's Guide"by Larry L. Ruth. Hope this gives ya a good start on your education about M1 Carbines.
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