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A variety of LC Pulldown, LC once fired, RP once fired and Aguilla once fired. The Pulldown has been de-capped, rest will need processing. All brass in excellent shape, no corrosion. 100 to a bag, $15/bag plus the shipping USPS Priority Mail. Can't sort, each bag has the above makers, but mostly LC. Over 1K available. I can get 300 in the small flat rate box.

Also have 600 Pulldown 110 gr round nose carbine bullets. Slight mark from the Pulldown, but otherwise excellent condition, also .15/each. I bought these and the LC Pulldown brass from GI brass years ago and have done nothing with them and decided I'm not going to. The other brass is range pick up right after matches.

Let me know how much of either. Payment by USPS MO only. I don't and won't do PayPal. Thanks,

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