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Hey All,

I'm looking for a new/better trigger for my SA loaded M1A. I've been doing some research and there are not many options. I have seen the M-25 trigger group from SA.

Has anyone switched to this group?

Is it worth it?

Can I simply swap the group myself? SA recommends I send it to them...I'm not too interested in sending it away for several weeks.

Any info would help, thanks.
I've been using the Rader trigger for some time on my Scout. I think the reason SAI wants to install it for you is that, at least unless you're using an original SAI stock, it won't fit. Take a close look at the picture on the Midway site (http://www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct/?productnumber=887217). The adjustment of the trigger pull is accomplished using that post sticking up just above the trigger. Since that's not there on a standard trigger group, there's no room for it in the cutout in the stock the trigger group goes through during lockup (at least not in any USGI wood or synthetic, or match stock I tried it in, and I tried quite a few). To get it to fit, you need to open up that area of the stock.

It gets worse. Look closely at the top of that post. There's a threaded stud sticking out the top (you screw it up and down to change trigger pull) and a nut that locks the adjustment in place. It's hard to see because of the lighting, but you can see the nut sticks out forward of the post; well, it also sticks out the same amount to the rear, where there's already no room in the stock's cutout. I had to find the smallest replacement nut that I had on hand, then grind off the flats until there was little more than a threaded hole left before I could eliminate the interference.

As to performance, the lighter trigger pull is definitely an advantage on the bench, but the trigger is not as smooth as the one that came with the Scout, which I think had some trigger work done on it.
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