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m-14 in 5.56/.223

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I saw a M-14/M1A on another forum that was chamberd in 5.56/.223 suposedly by Springfield Armory Inc. I thought it was cool :D but others flamed it. :cry: Now at 6`2 and 275lbs(I`m a Correctional Officer so watch the fat boy jokes or risk some loose teeth) even 7.62/51mm gets old even after 100rds, Now 5.56mm is a joy too shoot. I`m not going too get into M-14 vrs M-16 vrs mini 14(this was a M-14/M1A I do know the differance) I think that a M-14 in 5.56/.223 would be a hoot to shoot and a cheaper too boot plus it would be a full size look and feel weapon(no percived recoil if any)Springfield Inc makes other chamberings for the M1A so the mags are a pain in the but,something could be done maybe a mag insert of some type or modified USGI mags whats everyones thoughts on this.

Phil McGrath
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Aloha Phil,

I understand the rationale... but I think it would be much easier to (maybe not as cheap on ammo) chamber a M14 type rifle for .243 instead of .223.

The mags would NOT have to be modified (same size rounds) and was done by SA a long time ago. I remember seeing a post on a M1A in .243, I really do not know if it was by SA or not, but it said... .243!

It is a very mild shooting round, very accurate and could be used for most small game hunting...

Well, it was just a thought!


Tom O.
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