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Make: LWRC

Model: REPR

Caliber: .308

Location (city or county): Oceanside, North County San Diego

Price: $2790

Will ship (Y/N): Yes

Hey All,

Have a nearly new & beautiful LWRC 16" REPR. About 200 rounds down range. Only blemishes are minor wear on the pic rail where optics were mounted & in the side charging handle recess. Works perfectly & deadly accurate. Is a solid 1 MOA rifle out to 900 yds with quality ammo :) Mods installed are:

-VG6 Gamma .308 Brake- AWESOME Brake really tames the recoil
-Exile Machine Backfin featureless grip adaptor w/ thumb shelf
-Magpul MIAD Grip
-Magpul Fixed Carbine Stock

****For those outside of Commiefornia who don't need to deal with this featureless B.S. I can include the original VLTOR Carbine Stock & .308 Flash Hider it came with if you so desire GI2

Standard mag release installed so you can drop those mags:D Extra stock adaptor & MIAD grip pieces will be included. Feel free to PM me with any Q's. Can meet locally in North San Diego County.

Lowballers will be hunted down & castrated with a pair of rusty tinsnips.

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