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LRB: Wilson or Criterion barrel?

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Trying to decide between getting an LRB with Wilson chrome-lined barrel I can get soon or Criterion chrome-lined barrel I will have to wait long time for.

Has anyone noticed a big accuracy/quality difference between the Wilson and Criterion barrels from LRB?

Has anyone noticed a big accuracy difference between the chrome-lined and non-chrome-lined barrels from LRB?
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I haven't used the Criterion . I have however used a couple of Wilson barrels and of the three I own , two of them shift their point of impact significantly as the barrel warms .
I haven't dealt with LRB yet but I hear they are very good .

When you say POI shift "significantly," can you please quantify? Also, how many rounds does it take for you to reach this level, in what period of time?

I'm looking at getting one of these barrels myself. I can't imagine it being too drastic...?
I have the Wilson (non chrome) barrel on my LRB build. Accuracy is very good. I sent the targets to Lou to prove it. Give him a call.
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