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Here is the answer...

If an op rod were to be made to the miltary specification, it would require a special steel, 8645H, which is not a common grade. LRB did investigate the possibility of making op rods. The steel suppliers would only sell this grade of steel in quantities of 20,000 pounds (10 tons). That's a lot of op rods... Start up costs would be astronamical.

I don't know what grade of steel is being used in commercial copies right now. The attitude of most gun makers is that as long as the part is well made and has adequate strength, it's good to go. Why spend more than necessary for a good quality part.

LRB makes it's own bolts because no one else makes one good enough to meet their requirements. LRB bolts are excellent. The op rods they sell are very good or they wouldn't use them. LRB goal is to sell the best quality parts while keeping costs within reason. That means some parts will be manufactured in house and some will be imported.

It would be great if all the parts were US made, but at what price level?
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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