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LRB receivers legal in California?

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LRB receivers legal in California?
LRB receivers are semi only only, right?
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Yes. I purchased a receiver from LRB in December 2004. Picked-up Dec 28.

Sonoma County, Calif.
It has been illegal to import or manufacture machine guns for sale to civillians since 1986, so yes, LRB are semi-auto only.
my local dealer is such an a__hole

my local dealer is such an a__hole!
all he wants to do is sell what's in stock, but provide any service or accurate information...noooo way

My suggestion is, find another dealer. You may have to drive a little, but it could pay off in a friendship found.

tell them

Just tell the ddealer you want to use the company / his FFL license and a copy must be mailed to LRBarms in NY.

You pay for the receiver and shipping to LRB.

You pay the dealer for the use of his FFL - ~$25 - $100

You fill out the paperwork and the receiver is shipped to the dealer.

I would assume the same apply to complete rifles.
I got my LRB rifle and I live in Cali without any problems. Whose your ffl? Some cali dealers don't want to do ffls transfers because it's not worth their while. The store I used charges 10% direct from manufactuers (they gotta make a living somehow) but they're good people and gave me a discount for the lrb rifle even though it was my first time dealing with them (High Bridge arms). You can find some dealers who have low ffl fees - go to calguns.net and search ffl. Hope this helps!
Where in Nor Cal are you?

Yes the LRB is legal for CA and yes it is semi auto only
If your ordering a receiver, try a local smith. When I ordered my receiver the guy that had a small gun store close to my home charged me $20. He was also retired army armorer. He answered any questions I had on the build & even inspected the finished product when I was done. He just happened to be building a match M14 for a customer at the time. He looked it over, took it in the back for a couple of minutes( i think he checked the head space ) & handed it back and asked if I had ammo. I told him I was heading to the range to break it in and had a battle pack of surplus. He just smiled and said" run all 200 rounds down range, best way to break 'em in." After that every time I went there it turned into a bull session, besides what I would buy. If I just needed targets, he usually just said take 'em :D . Man I miss that gun shop.
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