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I took the TRW barelled LRB out to its first range visit and placed 100 rounds through it without any problems. Weather conditions were rain and high humidity with lots of Louisiana mosquitos. It is a standard LRB in a GI plastic stock with shims added to the gas cylinder. Standard sights and a 55 year old shooter whose glasses kept fogging because of the rain and heat.

100 yard Prone at SR-1 100 yard Speedweld Target using Portugese NATO ammo.

1st target fired in rain, 179/200: 4-X,4-10,5-9,5-8,2-7
2nd target fired in heat and humidity, 185/200: 10-10,7-9,2-8,1-6
3rd target fired in same as 2nd, 94/100: 2-X,3-10,4-9,1-8

All in all I am very pleased at what this rifle is capable of without any NM alterations. It was reliable and performed flawlessly. I put it together from a barelled action and no problems were noted. :D
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