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I had a chance to talk to Lou about the extra metal on the receiver bridge.
Lou says that on the earlier receivers they were all spec to the blueprints.

Here is how it got changed.
The machine shop that are making the receivers saw a sample of an Enterprise Arms M14 receiver that had a beefed up bridge. So the machine shop wanted to start making them with the beefed up bridge.

With the current receivers being barreled by Ron Smith word got back to Lou about the beefed up pin bridge. So from what Lou told me they will be going back to theUSGI specs and a flat pin bridge on future receivers being made. He told me that they have been making the receivers in small batches for such unforseen cases like this.

Here are photos of a spec (X00105) and beefed up pin bridge (1001).

On receiver SN#1001
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