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Lrb m25 Future build ideas

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Soliciting ideas for a future build for an lrb m25 receiver, and am wondering if people have ideas on what I should do with it.

I will have all of the following, so hoping for something a bit different:

lrb with heavy 22" in walnut
fulton with heavy 22" in McMillan
SAI with medium 20" NY compliant in McMillan
SAI socom in aluminium stock
Armscorp receiver with heavy 18" NY compliant in usgi fiberglass
Fulton in t44 reproduction with heavy 22"

In supply, I have 2 heavy SS barrels, a medium 22 criterion stainless barrel, and an 18.5 medium SEI nitrided barrel, plus usgi guts to spare. Not opposed to buying a new barrel, though they are in short supply..

Any ideas and thoughts on build ideas would be appreciated..
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It'll start out in the minelli, because I plan to get the mcmillan inlet for a selector and then painted OD green. After that, I will likely keep in the wood when it is playing the part of a safe queen, and in the mcmillan when it is playing the part of a bench rest gun.

Options are nice.
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