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LRB Forging

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I'm impressed too. Good Ol'e American engineering and machining. The built in scope mounts on the receiver is a very nice touch as well. When you figure on paying 200+ bucks for a good stable mount the receiver is not to much more expensive than going the traditional route of building a rifle. Hopefully as they start selling more the price may even come down a little more. I want one bad, but am financially embarrassed at the moment :oops: . Things will turn around, God has always provided for me very well :D .
Very Cool pics Hap. Thanks for sharring. I remember when I sent the #1 reciever to Ron Smith for specing. Some how the conversation turned to the price of reciever and how he couldnt believe how Lou could make a forged reciever for that low of a cost. He said he couldnt prove it but he speculated that the recievers were forged overseas and finished here. ERRRRRR!!!! wrong, these picture prove its a good ole USofA product. :p
Very cool, thanks for posting these!
I would buy a video of the forging and milling process.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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