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LRB Chrome Lined Barrels By Wilson

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I went to LRB Arms today on my lunch hour and bought an LRB Chrome Lined Barrel by Wilson Arms.

Lou finally got them parked.
Oh one important thing. Lou has started to put LRB on the barrels that is made for him by Wilson Arms and Criterion. In the Early batch that he got in both the Wilson and Criterion Barrels the LRB was on there so lightly that when they were bead blasted for parkerizing they did not show up.

When I measured the muzzle with a Fulton Armory Muzzle Gage it measured 7/8 to 1 on the Gage. On my Barnett heavy barrel it measures a full 1.

Well enjoy the pics.
If the pics don't show here is the public viewing of the pics.

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

pics changed to urls as they exceed the 400 pixel maximum width allowed....The R.O.
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Good info, thanks!
Cool now I know what to get when I shoot out my douglas thanks and take care Fred
Are they the same weight and thickness as USGI barrels or are they thicker/heavier? What is the twist on the barrels? It looks a little thicker than a normal USGI barrel. You should ask Lou how many high pressure rounds they tested those barrels with to make sure they match GI spec ;) Thanks.
LRB barrels short chambered (by how much)? Grooves (4)? Cost? They look like a quality piece.
iamgene said:
How much are the LRB barrels short chambered? How many grooves (4)? Cost? They look like a quality piece.


Here is the LRB website and the barrel specs.
The barrel has 4 grooves and is availible in nonchrome lined and chrome lined.

muzzle guage.....

Are you talking Fulton's muzzle guage?

I believe you guys, but shouldn't it read "0" for a .300 bore?

Lapping on the barnett?
Re: muzzle guage.....

Kivaari said:
Are you talking Fulton's muzzle guage?

I believe you guys, but shouldn't it read "0" for a .300 bore?

Lapping on the barnett?

I would use a USGI spec gauge to be 100% sure.
The bore makes no difference as long as the correct gauge is used.
Lapping of a Barnett barrel is not needed when you receive the finished product.

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i've only ever had a couple of USGI barrels to check but one was a zero. the other an H&R that was -1/2 on the ME gauge.
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