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Low M1A serial number

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I have a low serial number 000080 M1A. Does anyone know how to find any history on this rifle and if it’s rare ?
Thank you.
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I have a question. As you guys can tell I am new to the M1a. I fell in love with this rifle. I would like to take a deer with it this hunting season. For what I have read so far , it is designed for 7.62 x51 and it can also shoot 308? I cannot find any hunting ammo online for 7.62 x51. Any suggestions? I would really like to bag a deer with this.
You are correct. I deer hunt with a Devine M1A . All of my hunting ammo is marked .308 Winchester. I have chosen Federal ammunition. My hunting M1A shoots better groups with the Sierra 165 grain SPBT hunting bullet that Federal loads in some of their hunting ammo. For Target shooting only I use the Federal 168 & 175 Gold Medal Match King target bullet. At 2 hundred yards the target load prints right on top of the 165 grain hunting load. Very accurate and it has worked for me.
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