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Handy little item to carry around ... :wink:

Kinda makes ya wonder what some fellers walkin' round with brief cases are packin' in them things hey ... ? :roll:

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This particular attache was in fact made in Russia and actually carried by KGB ....

It belongs to a good friend of mine (and former employer) who purchased it some time ago and it was "not cheap" by any means. There were only a few that were available for sale at the time he got his. I would imagine that they can be easily duplicated however ...

The AK was (has beau coup now) his very first "Rock-N-Roller" and he is a Class II Manufacturer.

I believe I do have some pics taken in succession of how this thing actually works and I can guarantee you that in less than 2 seconds it is at the ready .....

I'll see if I can dig these pics up and get them posted ...

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