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Was going through parts and put together a grouping of items I am selling,all items in excellent mechanical condition and finish on all is perfect.Prices for items will include the shipping and insurance to the lower 48 states.I will accept Money orders or PAYPAL sent discreetly and as a gift.I have put up lots of pics so there will be no surprises or dissapointments.As always the first I'll take followed by a PM gets it.
1.TRW bolt complete with NOS firing pin & extractor.Not a drill bolt,$295.00 SPF
2.Troy Industries M14 or Socom Brake $50.00 SPF
3. S.E.I. hooded front site gas lock $75.00 SPF
4. Sadlak Tactical Mag Release $35.00 SPF
5.Complete USGI Gas Cyl. Assembly,Original finish. $135.00 SPF
6.Clip guides W/Pin $12.00 1 Left
7.Op Rod Guide $10.00 SPF
8.Bolt Catch W/spring & pin $25.00
9.Connector Lock W/pin $10.00
10.Complete Rear Site,USGI base ,aperture,cover,with a SAI Windage & elevation pinion.$55.00 SPF
11.M1 elevation pinion NHC marked with a DRC windage knob.Good Detent on elevation drum. $40.00
12.BM59 elevation pinion. Brown spots on shaft in pics is grease. $25.00 SPF
13.Trigger Group,SAI housing & trigger guard with the balance of parts USGI.SA hammer,F marked safety,H&R trigger.Perfect spline. $165.00 SPF
14.SAI forged Bolt with NOS USGI firing pin & extractor.Never been lapped.Very nice bolt.$175.00. SPF
15.USGI M6 bayonet & M8A1 sheath. $60.00 SPF
16.SAI Op Rod.I believe this rod was never used as the tab is .10 and perfectly square. $125.00. SPF
17.SAI/USGI black fiberglass stock w/matching handguard.SAI used USGI fiberglass stocks and then filled in the selector and painted them with a textured black finish,The USGI drawing numbers are molded in the stock.Really nice shape,$150.00
18. SAI 22'' std Profile non chrome barrel,This barrel came off a 30k range rifle and is marked Geneseo,IL.SAI used Wilson blanks back then and Hillside Machining did the final work on them.These are great shooting barrels.Muzzle is a 1 and the throat is 1.75.No pitting around gas port hole and all threads are perfect as well as the muzzle crown.Great barrel for the price.$95.00 SPF

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I will take the Rear site complete

I will take the Rear site complete
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