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ETA: DISREGARD! In very limited numbers. Once they're gone, they're gone for good. I emailed LW yesterday to see if they have any plans to reintroduce their M1A HBs. The response that I got said that they still have 'a couple' on the shelf here in the States, but that they can't import any more. Anyone who needs or wants one had better act fast!

"We do have a couple of the .308Win M1A heavy barrels left on the shelf. Below is the description and price.

M1A Heavy Contour / Chromoly / 308 Win. Chamber / Muzzle OD .478" / .22" Length - $458.20 + shipping.

Our German facility handles the website, and they took the M1A barrels off of the website because we can no longer import them. But here at our US facility we still have them available from off the shelf, but once they sell out we will not be able to offer them.

If you would like to purchase one of these barrels please send me your shipping address, and then I will be able to send you our link for payment.

With regards,

Rebekah Monroe.
Lothar Walther Precision Tools Inc.
3425 Hutchinson Road
Cumming GA 30040
phone: 770-889-9998
FAX: 770-889-4919"
"Description" should include: Number of Grooves and Rate of Twist, at least that is how they used to do it.

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